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Relief from Diabetes and the Impact of Chiropractic Treatment – Des Moines Chiropractor

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Diabetes is a serious health issue that has affected a larger group of people in the last few decades. As recently as 2012, a study showed that 33% of males and 40% of females born in 2000 will be affected by diabetes during their lifetime. People suffering from diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and shorter life expectancy. Diabetes takes two main forms: Type 1 affects young children and Type 2 affects adults.

To protect their health, people afflicted by diabetes look to control their blood sugar levels. There is a delicate balance between blood sugar and digestion. If either aspect is disturbed, diabetes or hypoglycemia may develop. The upper neck and middle back are the sources of blood sugar level issues. These areas are used as channels to send nerve signals to the brain, pancreas, and other important organs.

But, these areas may fail. In such cases, the pancreas would find it hard to produce enzymes that produce insulin. You can think of insulin as a mailperson, which delivers glucose to body tissues to use as energy. Less insulin means less regulation of glucose. These raised glucose levels are the most common sign of diabetes.

Our focus is to improve nerve signal communication between the nervous system and organs. Better nerve signaling maintains healthy levels of insulin production and glucose usage in the body. While not a complete solution, diabetes, and chiropractic treatment share a common link. Both diabetes and chiropractic treatment deal with the upper back and middle back. Chiropractic care in Des Moines and across the country treats misalignments in a person’s spine. Known as “vertebral subluxation”, this care improves blood flow in the spine. This active blood flow also improves the nerve signals between the nervous system and organs. Patients who suffer from diabetes and have chiropractic treatment report higher glucose levels and less need for insulin.

Dr. Neal Meylor is a Des Moines chiropractor who carries on his family’s tradition with pride. He and his medical team help children and adults alike heal their bodies and minds with a suite of chiropractic and acupuncture services. They are grateful for their great patients, who helped the Des Moines chiropractor and his practice win the 2015 Patient’s Choice Award from Opencare. Dr. Meylor and his team look forward to relieving you from diabetes with a treatment plan that will make you feel great again.