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Chiropractic Testimonials

"Several years ago, I went to Dr. Meylor for pain I was having from an old neck injury. I had suffered a compression fracture from an accident when I was serving in the Navy. As I got older, I had more problems. Visits to the doctors at the VA Hospital weren't helping and they suggested surgery. I tried Dr. Meylor and noticed improvement right away. I had lost feeling in the fingers on both hands and after a few visits, my right hand was completely well. The left hand has improved also. Dr. Meylor has also helped with some nerve damage I have had in my lower back. I highly recommend Dr. Meylor for anyone having problems such as I have had."

- Jerry

"I wanted to thank you and share my experience with others. I am so impressed with the care and results I have been blessed with and want others to know why they should see you.

Dr. Meylor cares so much about his patients it is evident with every interaction. He truly KNOWS who you are and is interested in your life and health. He always asks me how things are going, which gives me an opportunity to share any other ‘concerns’ that have popped up since my last visit. From acne, to allergies, to headaches, cramps and stress, he has taken care of all of my needs.

I started seeing him after a friend recommended him as I was battling cystic acne after going off birth control. I had tried almost everything under the sun and was not only wasting money but not getting the results I had been told I would get. I tried all sorts of skincare products and saw an esthetician for 6 months. I had a skin peel done every month for 6 months which was not cheap and I had to deal with the embarrassment of peeling, red, irritated skin for days. After 6 peels the esthetician told me, ‘your acne is hormonal and I don’t think this is going to work’. I was so disappointed because they KNEW that when I started going there. So $700 down the drain and no results. I felt taken advantage of and robbed.

I have seen Dr. Meylor for almost a year now and you would never know I had bad acne. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not have huge cystic acne on my face and neck. I don’t have to worry about how to cover it with makeup, or be embarrassed about what my skin looks like. Any problem I have, he is willing to attack. He is so good at what he does I wish EVERYONE I knew would visit him when they have a problem or want to maintain their health.

Please give him a chance if you are considering it! I recommend him for any of your health care needs!!!"

- Robyn 


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